Humble Beginnings

It all started with Barbers & Beauties. The project brought Bram Stoker Award-winning author and editor Michael Knost together with the multi-talented Nancy Eden Siegel. Wanting a flip book, including four horror stories written by male writers on one side, and four horror stories written by female writers on the other, Barbers & Beauties started taking form fairly quickly. After a few hours during lunch, the decision was made that Barbers & Beauties would be the first project of the new publishing entity, Hummingbird House Press, created by Nancy Eden Siegel.

Hummingbird House Press is still in its humble beginnings, but we are confident of great things ahead.

Our Vision

Hummingbird House Press is not interested in producing gratuitous gore or shock horror. We intend to deliver the highest standard in dark literature. The works we produce will focus on story. Our goal is to produce great literature first--then to make sure it is dark. Our goal is to publish books that will speak about the human condition.